Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have received a few inquiries lately about my diaper use so I thought I would use a blog post here to talk about AB/DL some more.

First, as I have mentioned before, I was into ageplay before I met my Daddy but never played so young. With him, I instantly felt half the age I played at rather casually before and being sick with him made me realize that being babied and taken care of was very nice and natural. When he first diapered me, I felt uncomfortable but persevered and didn't end up minding it too greatly. But the real transformation occurred afterwards, when I began to dream about being diapered. feeling the cushy, taped-in feeling as I slept. My mental confusion and discomfort began to disappear and my interest began to grow. When I told Daddy about the dreams, he diapered me again and to both our delight, I enjoyed it very much. I began to use pacies, bottles, and play with my stuffed animals, wear babyish clothing, and depend on Daddy. I began to be turned on by being babied. I liked the humilation of walking around in a crinkling diaper and having Daddy clean me before securing me in a diaper. So in this way, diapering is a sexually stimulating activity.

And yes, I have come to use them and even stay in a wet diaper for awhile. But I refuse to go #2 in a diaper simply because of comfort and hygiene. It would be smelly, messy, and irritating to my sensitive skin so I will not do it, something my Daddy is ok with.

And while I can happily relieve myself in a diaper easily now (and indeed, I must, since I am not allowed to use the big girl potty when diapered), this release is not particularly sexual. I enjoy doing it mostly because Daddy is proud of me and cleans me up afterwards, a sweet and gentle experience chock full of humiliation and love at the same time. While we are on the topic, we use drug-store brand adult diapers either by themselves or padding for a thicker diaper with "plasticy goodness" like Bambinos.

So the question has been posed ot me: what do I get out of the babying experience? I get a Daddy who is the best Daddy ever, who loves and cares for me, who releases me from worries about the daily world, who I feel safe and secure with, who indulges and spoils me, who delights in my cute antics and snuggly behavior, who loves to see me have a good time and giggle and smile. All of this feels natural when I am encased in a cushy diaper, reminding me at every second what a little, little girl I really am and how my adult rights can be taken away in a second by my Daddy. I hope this clears up any confusion...if not, feel free to ask away.


  1. I am a 22 year old boy and I love adult diapers I sometimes wear diapers pee in them and cum in them.
    I started likeing diapers at age 9 and I then started secretly wearing my sisters pullups.

  2. Great story. Lnow n understand the feelings you experience. I git a gf/mommy.