Friday, September 10, 2010


I love costumes so much! I love getting dressed up for my Daddy Dom, whether it be my leather corset and sexy panties or a "higher concept" outfit. I have a full Renaissance costume since I was in a Madrigal Choir for several years...I want to do an extended Medieval/Renaissance scene with my Master one of these days. I also have two sexy theme outfits. The first is my Alice dress, visible in many of my recent pictures. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I like being Daddy's sweet and curious Alice girl. Then just today, we got a pin-up costume where I look like a sexy sailor girl. It's so cute and hot!

I just love Daddy telling me to go put on something that will arouse him. I love the feeling of being fun and flirty, desired and wanted. I love the mood being in a costume puts me in. It immediately transports me to another mental space and makes me feel like another person, just for a little while. And I have come to love vamping it up for the camera, looking forward to seeing me look in a new and different way when Daddy shows me the pictures!

Do you like to wear costumes? What is your favorite outfit?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diaper Girl

After receiving our big box of Bambinos in the mail, Daddy has taken to diapering me a lot more lately. A few times a week, he pulls out a pack and leads me to the bed where he lays me down, cleans me with a baby wipe, lotions and powders me before taping me into a nice thick, plasticy-goodness filled diaper. We are also stretching out our supply of Bambinos by swapping in other adult diapers we find while out and about...for instance, we found three packs today at a thrift store for only ten bucks! While not quite as nice as a Bambino, this type of diaper still does the trick!

As soon as Daddy lays me down to diaper me, I go right into little baby mode. I suck my thumb, giggle, and smile up at my Daddy hovering over me. I love looking into his kind eyes, feeling him blow raspberries on my tummy, feeling his hands tuck me safe and securely into a thick diaper. Then he leads me out to the living room where he lays me down on either my Care Bear blankie or my Disney Princess play mat we just got the other day. He will put on the tv and I will play there or sit between his strong legs and have him play with my hair, possibly my favorite thing in the world!

Daddy says that once I have a diaper on, I cannot use a big girl potty and I can only drink out of a sippy cup or bottle. And I have been more and more bathroom dependent on my diapers in this 'littlest' mode. When in a diaper, I just go and go and go in a diaper til Daddy says it is time to get changed.

It often arouses me to be diapered and to use it as intended. Just knowing that I cannot touch myself, feeling Daddy's controlling love over me, and wondering what will happen when Daddy takes me by the hand and leads me back to our bedroom. He then usually untapes my diaper, cleans me up again and then makes love to me, oftentimes more than once. He uses me as his little babygirl slave and makes my body cum again and again...I love every moment!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantasy, Part 1

Note: My Daddy wanted me to begin exploring this fantasy mentally, so I thought I would write down what came into my is just the beginning of a longer story, so if you like it, watch for more. Also please note that it will contain controversial kinks, so if abduction, ageplay, diapering, and Daddy/daughter dynamic do not interest you, you will not like this story. Otherwise, enjoy and I would love any feedback!

She walked into her apartment, set down her keys and began to pull off her coat as she walked down the long hallway towards the living room. What do I have to make for dinner, she thought to herself. As she lay her things on the edge of the sofa, she thought she heard a small noise. She paused, listened to the silence for a moment, and then moved towards the kitchen. Little did she know that these were her last free moments as an adult woman.

When she stepped into the kitchen, she nearly screamed. There was a man standing in her kitchen, someone she didn’t know and definitely did not belong standing next to her little kitchen table for two. Her hand flew to her mouth in shock as the man stood there, simply smiling and appraising her. He noted the creamy complexion, the soft golden tresses, the curvy body underneath her work dress. Yes, she was a good choice, he thought.

She took a step backward as he stepped towards her. Even as a million thoughts raced through her head (Who was he? What did he want? Was he going to kill her?), she couldn’t seem to get any words to form in her mouth. Then, with a jolt of energy, her body remembered itself and she sprinted away from the man, down the hallway and towards the door. But he was taller, stronger, faster…

She felt his touch for the first time as his hand firmly grasped her upper arm and tightened into a fierce grip. He swung her around and backed her up against the wall, using his thick thigh to pin her against it. He was so close, way too close, she thought. She could feel his body heat like a furnace, smell his breath on her neck, feel the tight grasp on her arm which she knew would leave a bruise the next day.
Finding her voice, she yelled out in a strangled voice, “Get off of me!” She strained her body against his, but he kept her pinned down. His hand began to run over her body, feeling the delicate jaw line, the recesses of her pretty throat, the bulging breasts. He then lowered his hand and began to lift the hemline of her dress, fingers trailing up the side of her kneecap, making her shiver. She could feel his nails softly scratching the delicate flesh of her inner thighs. She struggled more as she realized where he was going to touch next. His fingers found her soft bush, parted her lips, and stroked her clit. Horrified, she could feel it harden despite her protests and silent pleas. He smiled, watching her attempt to control herself, feeling her get wet beneath his fingertips.

He spoke for the first time, a gravelly yet controlled voice of a man who has done this before. “You are a good choice.”
“What?” she demanded, not knowing what he was talking about.
“You have been chosen. You were picked by a man who is paying me to train you, to make him his. That’s all you need to know for now.”

As she began to protest more loudly, he whirled her around so that she was facing the wall, her breasts smashed against the unforgiving wall. He pressed himself on her and she thought for an instant that she could feel a hard protrusion from his body rub against her. She closed her eyes, wondering when he would rape her and get it over with.

But he didn’t rape her…instead, he pulled a length of cord from his pocket, placed her hands together, and quickly bound them together behind her back. Once that was done, she couldn’t move them at all.

He led her into the bedroom and sat her down on her own bed.
“I need to get you ready to leave. If you cooperate, this will be easier. But one way or another, you are coming with me,” he said sternly.

From his other pocket he produced a blindfold and she immediately tried to stand up, but he pushed her back down so hard onto the bed that she nearly fell off. He leaned down over her and his smiling face was the last thing she saw before the blindfold covered her eyes and she was plunged into darkness.

She felt him uprighting her, returning her to a sitting position. She was beginning to shake now, not sure what was going to come next. She shuddered as she felt his finger delicately trace her pink lips, then a strange rubbery thing was next to them. She tried to pull her head back but found that his strong hand had moved to the back of her neck and was now forcing her forward. She had no choice but to open her mouth and accept this foreign object into her mouth, which filled it and silenced any protests. Feeling it with her tongue, she was mortified as she recognized the shape and girth of a rubber cock. He had put a cock gag on her! She had seen pictures of such things online but had never used one of course. As she tried to spit it out, she felt his hands at the back of her head, securing it with a buckle so that she could not remove it.

Sitting there, she felt her old life already slipping away. Here she was, bound, blindfolded, and gagged with a rubber penis. She had no choice now but to trust this man.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Play Date!

Yesterday night, Daddy and I were laying around the house. We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. It had been a slow Saturday, not much going on at all. We had watched TV, made love, baked and cooked. We didn't need to buy anything, nor did we want to spend money unnecessarily. We had just seen a movie in the theater the day before...what's a Daddy and daughter to do?

So I suggested that we take a drive, just the two of us. We left the apartment and went down to Lake Michigan where there is a very beautiful overlook, one of my most favorite places in the world. It was a gorgeous evening and despite the bugs, we enjoyed ourselves. We put our feet in the water (it was chilly!) and Daddy skipped a few rocks. He even found a lovely stone to make into a betrothal necklace for me :)

We climbed back up the hill from the water and crossed the street to go to the park. It is a park that I have visited since I was a child and it was an extraordinary experience to be there once more, especially with my Daddy. We went and swung on the swings (Daddy even did a very impressive backflip on the swing!) and he pushed me up and soothing and relaxing. Then we walked around the playground and went down the slide and wandered a bit.

The whole evening was lovely, peaceful, and fun. I loved being able to play with Daddy at the park on such a beautiful night. I liked seeing him in a place where I played as a child. I liked thinking ahead to the time when we have children of our own and get to see their carefree playing at the park. I am so glad we got ourselves out of the house and into nature for a bit...and as a bonus, we saw 6 bunnies! Rabbits are my favorite animals and they were all over the place by the lake and across from the park! I made sure to tell my stuffed bunny, Flopsy, when we got home :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Surprise Sex

I did not expect to see Daddy until tomorrow…but as I lay in bed, using my Hitatchi Magic Wand before sleeping, I got a text from Daddy. He said he could come over if I wanted to which I replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He arrived about twenty minutes later and we talked about our days and watched a bit of TV before heading back to the bedroom.

I was excited, but I had no idea what a night lay before me. I sucked his cock, which I love to do very much, lubing it up so he could fuck me…and fuck me he did. I have never been fucked like that in my life. It went on and on and on until my eyes were rolling back, my breath caught in my chest, and I came and came and came, shaking and dripping with sweat. I felt thoroughly used in the best way possible and also felt exposed and vulnerable. Afterwards, Daddy held me in his arms, where I fell asleep, content in the knowledge of his love and protection.

When we woke up this morning, still in each other’s arms, I began touching Daddy’s body, my fingers wandering all over his body…I cupped his balls, stroked his cock, ran my fingers over his sexy chest. Daddy knew what I was getting at and teased me that this was my way of saying I wanted to be his little fuckdoll again. I said, in my sweet little girl voice, “Daddy, I want your cock in me again!” Needless to say, that fired him up and before I knew it, I was on my back again with my legs spread, getting pounded by the man I love. I was still feeling it from the night before, so this making love was also very intense. After cumming yet again, I was exhausted, but we had to get ready for the day. After breakfast and packing up for the day, I realized that we had fifteen minutes before we had to leave. So guess what we did?!

Ah quickies…I love you! Maybe it’s the danger of running late, maybe it’s the spontaneity of the heat of the moment, but quickies are awesome! I left my socks and sports bra on and pulled my breasts out of the bra so my nipples were exposed and breasts gently cupped, the sight of which turned both Daddy and I on really fast. We both came in less than ten minutes, which in this case is a very good thing. Just goes to show what you can do with two naked bodies and a couple of minutes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forced Orgasm

When I think of the term forced orgasm, my mind instantly goes back to my watching days, where girls would writhe around with a Hitatchi pressed against their clit. They would squirm, turn red, and even squirt on occasion. Now having had this done to me on occasion by my Master, I know what an exquisite agony this experience can be. I try to get away from the vibrator sometimes, but Daddy holds me down and makes me feel all the pleasure and pain while I moan and groan.

Today, during a lovemaking session, Daddy held me down by my arms (something I love, love, love!!!) and bucked over me, thrusting into me with such force. I felt the pleasure right away and felt the orgasm building. He could tell and commanded me to cum for him. I felt it bubbling to the surface and the thought crossed my mind that I was going to cum, whether or not I wanted to. It was the wonderful feeling of my Master’s cock that was making me feel this good and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop this pleasure. His command to cum reinforced the feeling that I had to orgasm for him, my body betraying itself with its shudders of pleasure and muscle contractions contorting me into a writhing, sweat-slicked little whore. I have cum on command before but this was the first time I really realized it was beyond my control, which of course, both my Daddy and I loved. Seems to me like every day, he continues to mold me more and more into his cock-addicted slut. What a revelation!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Wet Subject

I do not understand how some can say that female ejaculation does not exist. I have now squirted several times, much to the delight of me and my Master. The first time it happened, I was playing with myself, toying with my clit, and I decided to insert a finger, not something I usually do. It felt really nice this time though, so I kept going. I felt a strange sensation, a building up of tension and before I knew it, there was a small puddle on the floor beneath me. I was shocked: Had I just squirted? I read online about female ejaculation and what other women described seemed similar to my experience.

The first time another person made me squirt was just a few weeks ago. My Master was using my body and I was loving it, feeling the pleasure run up and down my spine. Master decided to multiply that pleasure and placed my Hitatchi Magic Wand directly on my clit as he continued to fuck me. Then, as I felt the intensity increase as he began to pound me even more insistently and harder, just the way I love and crave, I felt that strange urge, the need for release. I told my Master that I thought I might squirt soon and he encouraged me to do so. As soon as I had permission, I lost all control and my muscles contracted tightly as he hit my G-spot in just the right way. We both looked down as we heard the rush of fluid and felt my pussy loosen with the new lubrication. I was shaking, my face red with embarrassment at the vulnerability of having just squirted in front of the man I love. I looked at the wet stain on the bed, clear in color and having no odor of any kind…

Then on Wednesday, after our little’s date, Daddy fucked me several times throughout the day. After already having accomplished going out in public while diapered, I figured the day’s “firsts” were over. Boy, was I wrong! No one was more surprised than me when Daddy fucked me yet again and after particularly getting into it, we both felt wetness in my pussy. While it wasn’t as strong as the last time, I did squirt again and most importantly, I squirted from Daddy’s cock alone! I felt the pressure again, the pleasure, and the intense feelings afterward. Daddy is so proud of his little girl, who went through so much in just one day!