Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diaper Girl

After receiving our big box of Bambinos in the mail, Daddy has taken to diapering me a lot more lately. A few times a week, he pulls out a pack and leads me to the bed where he lays me down, cleans me with a baby wipe, lotions and powders me before taping me into a nice thick, plasticy-goodness filled diaper. We are also stretching out our supply of Bambinos by swapping in other adult diapers we find while out and about...for instance, we found three packs today at a thrift store for only ten bucks! While not quite as nice as a Bambino, this type of diaper still does the trick!

As soon as Daddy lays me down to diaper me, I go right into little baby mode. I suck my thumb, giggle, and smile up at my Daddy hovering over me. I love looking into his kind eyes, feeling him blow raspberries on my tummy, feeling his hands tuck me safe and securely into a thick diaper. Then he leads me out to the living room where he lays me down on either my Care Bear blankie or my Disney Princess play mat we just got the other day. He will put on the tv and I will play there or sit between his strong legs and have him play with my hair, possibly my favorite thing in the world!

Daddy says that once I have a diaper on, I cannot use a big girl potty and I can only drink out of a sippy cup or bottle. And I have been more and more bathroom dependent on my diapers in this 'littlest' mode. When in a diaper, I just go and go and go in a diaper til Daddy says it is time to get changed.

It often arouses me to be diapered and to use it as intended. Just knowing that I cannot touch myself, feeling Daddy's controlling love over me, and wondering what will happen when Daddy takes me by the hand and leads me back to our bedroom. He then usually untapes my diaper, cleans me up again and then makes love to me, oftentimes more than once. He uses me as his little babygirl slave and makes my body cum again and again...I love every moment!

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