Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forced Orgasm

When I think of the term forced orgasm, my mind instantly goes back to my watching days, where girls would writhe around with a Hitatchi pressed against their clit. They would squirm, turn red, and even squirt on occasion. Now having had this done to me on occasion by my Master, I know what an exquisite agony this experience can be. I try to get away from the vibrator sometimes, but Daddy holds me down and makes me feel all the pleasure and pain while I moan and groan.

Today, during a lovemaking session, Daddy held me down by my arms (something I love, love, love!!!) and bucked over me, thrusting into me with such force. I felt the pleasure right away and felt the orgasm building. He could tell and commanded me to cum for him. I felt it bubbling to the surface and the thought crossed my mind that I was going to cum, whether or not I wanted to. It was the wonderful feeling of my Master’s cock that was making me feel this good and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop this pleasure. His command to cum reinforced the feeling that I had to orgasm for him, my body betraying itself with its shudders of pleasure and muscle contractions contorting me into a writhing, sweat-slicked little whore. I have cum on command before but this was the first time I really realized it was beyond my control, which of course, both my Daddy and I loved. Seems to me like every day, he continues to mold me more and more into his cock-addicted slut. What a revelation!

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