Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diapered in Public for the First Time!

Yesterday, Daddy took me on a little’s date and it was so much fun! It reminded me lots of Daddy and my first date a million years ago because we went to the mall, got pizza, and saw a movie just like we did on that frosty day months before. I love going out with Daddy, just him and me, lots of cuddling, hand holding, and affection. But there was something different about yesterday’s date…I was diapered in public for the very first time!

First off, Daddy is feeling better after being sick with a summer cold. Being my day off, I drove over to Daddy’s house and picked him up. He said that he saw a rummage sale with a big crib so we went and picked that up (for only 10 dollars!) and brought it to our apartment. After putting everything away, we looked at times for the movie we wanted to see, and Daddy asked if I wanted to keep on the clothes I had on (a tunic and leggings). He told me he wanted to diaper me, that I was far too little to be allowed into the big girl’s bathroom all by myself, that he knew best, and that I was not to argue with him. Meekly, I lay down on our big bed and felt the pleasure run through me as Daddy wiped my bottom and pussy, lotioned and powered me, and placed a thick Bambino underneath me, one of the last ones still unused by us (luckily, we ordered more which should be arriving tomorrow!!!). I felt his strong hands secure me into my cushy diaper, taping me in with deft fingers and helping me up. Daddy dressed me in a jean skirt, which fit a lot tighter after being diapered, and a pretty white peasant blouse with flip flops. When I was all ready, we made our way downstairs and I took a deep breath and stepped outside in a diaper for the first time in my life since I was an infant.

It felt like a whole new world. As cars passed by on the busy street, I secretly wondered if any of them could see the bulge under my skirt, if anyone would be able to hear the crinkle and rustle of the diaper next to my skin. Being a very hot day outside, I began to sweat in the diaper almost immediately. We got into the car and I could feel the cushy bottom pressing against the car seat and the waist band tugging at my belly. I was constantly conscious of it during the drive to the mall. When we arrived, Daddy came and got me out of the car and I held onto his hand like a good girl as we walked (and I somewhat waddled) into the mall, sure that everyone was staring at me.

We ate lunch in the food court, side by side, and Daddy cut up my spaghetti for me. I got a little bit on my blouse and Daddy teased me that I really need to get a bib so I don’t always spill all over myself. Then we went to the movie, Despicable Me, which was very cute and Daddy/babygirl friendly. There were a few scary moments but Daddy hugged me close and made it all better. During the movie, I had the urge to pee, but I remembered that Daddy had told me that big girl potties were off limits to me now. After trying for a few minutes to go, I crouched down and relieved the pressure of my pussy on the movie theater seat and was able to go almost instantly. Just like that, crouched down in the dark movie theater, holding onto my handsome Daddy, I peed myself in public, only a few rows away from other moviegoers. No one else saw of course! I told Daddy what I had done and felt the warm squishy feeling between my legs, the diaper already sagging from the weight of the fluid.

I stayed in my wet diaper until we got home, about an hour later. Daddy laid me on the bed, cleaned me up, and to my surprise, pulled out another diaper. Having just undergone a major ordeal in my opinion, I was not happy that Daddy wanted to diaper me again. I protested, saying, “Daddy, I am a big girl, I don’t need diapers!” But Daddy got very stern with me, angry that I would defy him. I rolled away from him as he began to diaper me, trying to get away from the diaper. In so doing, I bared my bottom, which Daddy promptly spanked. He pulled me over his knee and gave me about ten good swats, telling me that this is the punishment for bad girls who don’t cooperate. Submissive now, I no longer protested as Daddy secured the new diaper on me. He even put a plastic sheet on the bed, saying I might wet myself so we needed this protection. Humiliated, I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

Luckily for me, I didn’t stay diapered for too long. Realizing that I was getting off on Daddy being so controlling and dominating yet loving at the same time, Daddy literally ripped off my diaper and began to fuck me, whispering in my ear about me being such an incestuous little baby slave. He commanded me to cum, and the force in his tone and the feeling of him thrusting into me made me obey, my body squeezing out shudders almost against my will. I could hear the crinkling of the plastic sheet beneath me as Daddy pounded into me again and again. This was just the beginning of a very erotic night for us, more details of which will be coming soon!

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